Chengdu Panda Base Held 2019 World Environment Day Popular Science Activities


The 48th World Environment Day was given the theme “Beat Air Pollution”, and the domestic slogan “I’m on the move to protect the environment” was celebrated on June 5, 2019. With China serving as host to the 2019 World Environment Day, activities were held in Hangzhou on that day as well.

RespRRResponding to the calls of the UN and central government, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding held various popular science activities that targeted tourists visiting the base and focused on the theme of “air pollution prevention and control”.

By virtue of What Do You Know About Air Pollution? online test (, interactive photo album shared with the theme “Cool Acts in Environmental Protection” (, on-site scientific knowledge lectures, distribution of popular science literature, and other aspects all guided the public to help them better understand air pollution issues, and also wanted to popularize environmental protection knowledge and urge the public to immediately take action to fight against the global crisis that is air pollution. They also wanted the public to choose a sustainable lifestyle by changing small things that would protect the environment to create and share an ecological civilization.



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