“The Voice of Panda” 2019 Chengdu (International) Children Chorus Visits the Panda Valley


?In order to improve Chengdu’s influence in international community, promote children’s international art exchange by music, build a brand of youth cultural exchange with foreign countries and support the accelerated building of Chengdu into?a world renowned cultural creation city, a world renowned tourism city, a world renowned event city, an international food city, an international music city and an international exhibition city, the “Voice of Panda” 2019 Chengdu (International) Children Chorus Music Week will be carried out in August 2019. On the morning of August 12, the chorus composing of around 300 people visited the Panda Valley and relevant staff from Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding received?them.

During the reception, the staff led the chorus to visit the?giant pandas?indoor playground and introduced to the chorus members the giant panda living therein. And the chorus members appreciated the giant panda and learnt more about the panda with interest.

Next, the staff led them to visit the giant panda’s outdoor playground. These children saw the giant panda sleeping and eating bamboos and took pictures of its charmingly na?ve gestures. ?

As this activity came to a successful end, the chorus members learnt a lot and felt very happy.?








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